Episode 3: Points and Standings

Housekeeping notes after week 3…. 1. Jimmy Kimmel bringing in the “amazing” jar to the house was pretty, well, amazing. Kudos to you, JK. 2. Where was Ashley hiding her crazy this week? (But seriously…) 3. What is going on with Jillian and the constant black bars on her butt/cooch? I can’t wait for Jordan to […]

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Episode 2 Points Break Down:

Most updated XLS file with your totals: BachFantasy Girls in purple have been eliminated FYI. Wildcard Points Winner: Becca earned 20 points for saying “sh*t” in the limo when the zombies streaked past. Alissa: 10 points Being selected to go on on a group date (10 points) Amber: 45 points Being selected to go on on a […]

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Episode 1….

Hopefully none of you are feeling the repercussions of your drink of choice from last night, though I trust you all enjoyed a few glasses in moderation — a word that clearly wasn’t in jameson-on-the-rocks-Tara’s vocabulary. Did anyone else notice her bio detailed her as a “Sports Fishing Enthusiast?” A couple glasses of wine and a word […]

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The Draft:

How it Works: Post Limo Introductions, Episode 1: We all lead busy lives, some of us live in different cities and states, so rather than doing a live draft, we will do a virtual draft! In order for this to work, everyone should watch the show in his or her respective home, pause after limo introductions, and […]

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Points Categories

Points are divided into Phrases, Actions, and Roses. Phrases Talking about her parents’ relationship (5 points) Talking about her kid (5 points) Mentioning a deceased loved one (10 points) Talking about an ex-fiance or ex-wife (10 points) Saying “I’m not here to make friends” (20 points) Saying “I’m falling for you” to Chris or “I’m […]

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