What a season.

My apologies for not keeping everything updated weekly…. spring definitely got the best of me with work. Updating the excel sheet and posting wasn’t on the top of my priority list. It was also a learning process for me on how to do everything and what would be the most efficient!

SO, on that note, I have officially decided that when I do this league the next go around for Kaitlyn and Britt’s season of the Bachelorette, there are a few things that will help keep me organized. The first is that I will ask you all to send me your picks via email, and then I will submit all of our picks to believe it or not, a website online that tabulates your leagues’ scores for you!   (something I didn’t realize they did until three fourths of the way through the season!)

If you’re interested in seeing the excel sheet from the entire season, follow this link:  BachFantasy_FINALE


The winner is….


Amanda Chambers and Ashley Parks were both kicking major a until about week 7 or 8, and somehow I chose all of Chris’ top four….I promise this wasn’t rigged!!! Check out the excel file from week to week that will show scores added together, and all the previous posts will show you how the points were broken down each episode!

Kristin 3130
Amy B 3120
Kaitlan 3110
Candice 3070
Amanda A 3015
Steph Z 2910
Amanda C 2840
Ashley V 2805
Meg B 2750
Kari 2705
Ashley P 2590
Raoni 2575
Flavia 2345
Donnie 2240
Brittany B 2225
Hailee 2185
Beth 2135

The next draft will be much more organized, and we can chat about using venmo to place bets and make money off of this!!

Until next season….. ❤


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